VOICE Rewards Program

 Why did we launch the VOICE Rewards Program?  

As a thank you more than anything.  We have big dreams of how the retail industry can be better and do more good in the world… And how people’s everyday spending can be empowered to make a difference.  And it’s through the trust and partnership of our customers that we’re working towards that dream.

The relationship between customers who share in our vision is one of the most important things for us to invest in.  So we’re building in a constant thank you to all of our shoppers!

So how does it work?

We’re kind of into 7’s around here… with 7% of everything spent in the store going to charity and all.  So we wanted to keep the 7’s going.  For every $70 customers spend in the store… We’re giving them $7 in store credit.  And it’s as easy as that.

Note: Shipping and tax payments not included

Do I have to register?

NOPE.  We’ll do all the work… As soon as you’ve spent $70 in the store, whether it be in one purchase or over the course of many, we will shoot you an email and let you know that store credit is waiting for you.

Because you shouldn’t have to work to receive your thank you… We should work to tell you.