The VOICE College Fund

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
- Nelson Mandela
There are too many marginalized communities within the world, even right here in the Twin Cities.  And here's the reality... We need them.


Giving to a marginalized community is less of an act of charity as it is an investment... An investment in our nation, and our future, and in our world.  These communities have SO MUCH to offer.  Take a few minutes and think through how much potential lies out there in individuals and communities who our systems aren't set up to support (yet)




As a marketplace, we want to invest in the marginalized communities of Minnesota, not because they need us... But because we need them.  And so we've created the VOICE College Fund.


2 things happen with every dollar the VOICE College Fund raises:
1.  $.50 will go to Act Six, an urban leadership award that invests in the future of leaders within marginalized communities.  To learn more about Act Six, go here.
2.  The other $.50 will go to the college education of one refugee family living in Minnesota, Saw Pah Soe and his children, whose story is more than worthy of investing in, and we hope you'll join us.  
 How many gifts and voices in the world go untapped and are never given the opportunity?  Help us make our goal a reality.


Our goal: Raise $120,000.  

$60,000 so that Saw Pah Soe's kids have the opportunity to go to community college/vocational school.  The same opportunity that so many of us have.

and $60,000 so that Act Six can continue empowering and investing in the marginalized communities of the Twin Cities.

Here's how we're asking you to help us reach our goals:

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 Then, AFTER that...

Shop Here 

7% of everything you spend in our store can go towards investing in the VOICE College Fund.  Do some shopping and then choose "VOICE College Fund" in the dropdown for where your 7% goes.

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