Fundraise through VOICE



 Looking to do some fundraising? Perhaps we can help!

We love getting to support and invest in worthy causes across Minnesota! If there is ever a way in which our marketplace can do that for you… We’d love to. While we can’t just make you one of the 3 causes our shoppers choose from (they are the ones who pick those, not us!), there are other ways we can help. We’d love to come alongside an event that you’re having and help you fundraise.

Wondering if what you’re doing is something we’d partner in? I’m sure we’d love to make it work. Don’t be shy. Shoot us an email! What’s the worst thing that could happen? We promise not to tell you the cause you’re fighting for is stupid and a waste of time. Unless it is… Then we might tell you. But we’ve never seen that happen yet and don’t expect you to be the first.

We hope to hear from you soon. Use your voice.